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The Company

Pridolian, is an internationally focused boutique Natural Resources Advisory specializing in investment opportunities and the financing of hydrocarbon and mineral projects, primarily in Russia and other areas of the former Soviet Union.

Combining the skills of financial, geological, oil and mining professionals, coupled with a unique grasp of the local natural resource sector, Pridolian is positioned to deliver high quality advice to clients, identify investment and financing opportunities, as well as structure and execute deals. Our flexibility and attentiveness to clients allows us to provide a service that is often lacking in the sector.

Pridolian has representatives and associates in Russia, Ireland, Norway, Canada, UK, India, Nigeria and Congo.

Our style

Our hands-on and on the ground approach allows us to provide practical and cost effective advice to foreign and local companies seeking investment opportunities or partnerships in the countries in which we operate and beyond.

Our ability to explain the requirements of international finance permits us to successfully advise local clients on strategies to grow their business, find partners and raise finance.

Because we understand the strategies of mining and upstream oil & gas we know how to approach the requirements of our clients diligently and energetically, from a combined range of geological, logistical, financial and market perspectives.

Basically - we put on our boots and helmets and we get right into it.

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Pridolian Limited is incorporated in the Republic of Ireland at 162 Clontarf Rd. Dublin 3

Company Registration No. 515989

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