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Pridolian is currently assisting clients in raising finance or in the sale of equity in

∔ Iron Ore assets in Canada, West Africa and Sweden (Fe2O3 West Africa, Fe3O4 Canada, Sweden)

∔ Antimony focused exploration company with international assets

∔ Diamond exploration in Sub Saharan Africa

∔ Acquisition of producing oil fields in Russia

∔ Oil field development and equity stake acquisition in European Russia

∔ Junior Gold exploration company with near production asset in Turkey.

∔ Green field mineral sands project in Northern Greenland. (TiO2 and V2O5, FeO)

∔ Gold - late stage exploration in the Russian Far East (MI+I - 4 M ounces)

∔ Platinum Group Mineral exploration in Russia (13 Ton resource in Hard Rock, Large alluvial potential)

∔ Thermal coal exploration project in Botswana

∔ Late stage Scandium project in Australia

∔ Identifying Gypsum resources for the manufacturing of construction materials in Nigeria

∔ Identifying investment opportunities in junior to mid size mining and exploration companies (Au, U, Fe, V, Coal)

Information and presentation materials on these offers are available on request.

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